What To Do With Uncertainty

I went to a vintage clothing party a few weeks ago at the home of my sister’s friend Shawna. 

As a first-time-fashion-partier, I was quite amazed to see that her house had been transformed into a makeshift chic boutique. 

Fashionistas were foraging through clothing racks set up in the living room, their arms full of sweaters with layers of lace swinging from hems, colorful blouses and sassy skirts. 

The house was abuzz as ladies paraded in and out of the living room for opinions on their frocks. Shawna had transformed her office into a fitting room, outfitted with a mirror leaned charmingly on a couch.

I couldn’t wait to meet Shawna {who knew me through my blog} because she professionally paints furniture and I was excited to see her house. 

I fell in love with her decorating style and beautifully painted dressers and tables. I even got to poke around her garage which was a treasure-trove of furniture pieces waiting for paint or repair. 

And I started dreaming about painting. 

I’m a sloppy, slap-dash kind of painter. I never put down a drop-cloth. I paint in the middle of anywhere. And I never ever prime a surface. I’ve paid for this slap-dashery by chipping paint drips off of my floors with my fingernails and hiding all the spots I miss when I paint furniture. 

I recently painted a desk I’d had for years. I figured I could finish it pretty quickly, but three hours later I was still layering on coats of glossy white. 

Painting always brings out my hesitation. I’ve wanted to paint my French couch for years but I get nervous it will look worse afterward than it does now. I even started to paint it once, then messily wiped it all off because I wasn’t sure. 

Can I live with the uncertainty? 

This is the question God has been asking me lately. And it’s not about painting furniture. It’s about how I will approach tomorrow and all the days yet to come. 

Even though I’m not sure about my answer, I know it should be yes. 

I know when I’m feeling settled about things, I tend to think I’m pretty confident and I don’t feel a need for more opinions and input. But when I’m not so sure, I spend more time drawing myself up close to God. 

Uncertainty has become the invitation to God’s holy home. 

It’s the passageway to experiencing all of who he is, that I can only understand in the smallest of slivers.

These God-led experiences have brushed my life with a brilliant polish, but aged it with a patina that has only come through stiff perseverance and a faith that strives for steady when I feel distressed and disturbed. 

All that’s commonplace and safe and ordinary in my life has been chipped away, one fragile layer at a time, and a new hue is emerging. 

Uncertainty seems like a weak and defective companion, but its powerful presence serves a purpose. 

What if I let uncertainty lead me to the place where I know without a doubt that God is the one who loves me always? 

What if I welcomed it to help me understand that when I am stirred up and overwhelmed by worry, God comforts me with his peace? 

What if I let it usher me right to the realization that no matter how gray my circumstances may seem, God is still good -- very good -- to me?

So I follow uncertainty to the only steadfast one who never changes. 

I think this foe-turned-friend could help me paint a fresh coat of perspective on the days ahead of me. 

And those days just might hold some painting projects, thanks to a little inspiration from Shawna. I think I'm ready to tackle my French couch now, along with a half-dozen chair legs too.

At the vintage clothing party, I tried on a long creamy sweater that seemed perfect for cool weather but fit more like a draping scarf than outerwear. 

I wasn’t sure about it so I modeled it for the opinions of the party-goers. My fellow fashionistas told me it looked great but that I should probably plan to wear it for fashion, not for warmth. 

So I bought it. 

I figure if I’m cold I could always put on another coat.

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  1. So much fun to "shop at home" ! Shawna's home is lovely and she is an inspiration to be creative!

    1. Yes, it was so fun shopping in the house-turned-boutique!

  2. Oh goodness, the thought of painting furniture makes me anxious! I feel about the same about uncertainty. I so relate. It's good to be reminded to look past the circumstances in front of me.

    1. Christy,
      Uncertainty is a sure thing, isn't it? :) But as for painting, once you try it, you might be hooked!

  3. thats such a cool idea - to set up a boutique in your house. I always love looking at all the beautiful vignettes you create. ( i don't possess an eye for that at all) do you ever chalk paint? (my best friend does it for fun to her furniture -its not chalk board paint- its just called chalk paint) It's very thick and forgiving and your painting style sounds like mine!! :)
    I can totally relate to this about uncertainty. It's everywhere. Really in this cataclysmic world we live in though it be beautiful because of the God who made it, who is certain about what lies ahead? Theres a lot to be apprehensive about. It reminds me of that passage in Proverbs 31 about the woman who can "laugh at the days ahead" and she can only do that because her uncertainty like you leads her to certain faith. Faith that causes her to practice practical faithfulness. That really is the key. An unwavering grip on the goodness of God. It's the remedy to hearts shivering with fear, trembling with uncertainty. Love your words and observations Valerie and oh yeah all the pretty stuff you post for us to look at ;)

    1. Summer,
      No I've never used chalk paint or milk paint but I want to! Shawna uses Miss Mustard Seed milk paints and I'm excited to try them. Thank you for appreciating my photos and I always LOVE to read your comments. You have a gift for making others feel encouraged by your warm words and your attention to the details in our posts! Love having you hang out with me here in this space, friend!

  4. I just love your blog- It is so beautiful and so full of truth! Thank you so much for encouraging me today! Visiting from Holleys-

    1. Susie,
      So grateful for your visit today - -thank you!

  5. Anything that exposes our weakness is good I suppose because it should draw us closer to our Savior. Beautiful thoughts on uncertainty-- I'm in a struggle with it now, but it's really not my battle! Thanks for the reminder to let it go and let God have at it. I've visited your blog a couple of times and your style is just lovely!

    1. Heather,
      So glad you visited today and loved stopping by your online home too! Yes, these things do draw us closer to God and sometimes that's what he uses to speak to our hearts.

  6. It takes a lot for me to feel certain, but when I am on that firm ground, God washes me with peace. When things fall into place, I can look back and see why I was uncertain. I love how God uses that trait!
    Hope you enjoy the sweater :)

    1. Sarah,
      Yes, to experience his peace in the midst of our turbulent days is something I can't quite understand but I'm so grateful for! I think the sweater will be great -- as long as it's 70 degrees out! :)

  7. Lovely Pictures <3


  8. I love the idea of the at-home boutique. It's a good way to get the girls together. The table looks like a billion bucks! The paint totally transformed it. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲


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