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Take Notice of What's In-Between

I went to Rome hoping to experience it as the Romans do.

I wanted to peek under the layers, walk down hidden alleyways, and notice what was tucked between the landmarks.

I wanted to see Rome, but with the insight and expertise of a local.

That was my idea anyway, and what prompted me to join a tour with an American who had lived in Rome for nearly 30 years.

She offered an insider's view, with visits to her favorite eateries, accommodations in an apartment a few doors down from her own, and a welcome dinner in her very own Roman kitchen.

This was the hidden {and delicious} Rome I wanted to see, and it convinced me to take the trip.

Since I live in a tourist town myself {Orlando, Florida} I know there's far more to see here than just theme parks. But you have to get off the beaten path to notice what's tucked beside our scenic lakes and hidden inside our artsy neighborhoods.

Learning to appreciate the in-between spaces of our lives takes some effort and practice.

I've a…

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