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Expertly Handled

Summer invites me to poke, press and squeeze.

I’m talking about fruits and vegetables, of course. 

I don't hesitate to sniff a tomato, knock on a watermelon, and peel back the top layers of an ear of corn to check out what's underneath. 

I think I inherited this affinity for luscious produce from my grandmother who loved nothing better than stopping at a roadside stand for fresh cucumbers, corn, tomatoes and a peach or two.

So it's practically ingrained in me that every week I park my cart in front of the fruit counter to peruse the strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, all neatly lined up in containers at the grocery store. 

{It's not a roadside farm stand, but it'll have to do.}

I systematically rearrange the containers to inspect them before choosing the most ripe and delicious looking berries of the bunch. 

Sometimes I can’t decide because they all look so good. 

And I get a little annoyed if someone is behind me, waiting for me to move away from the berries befor…

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