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Dreaming With Your Eyes Open (Book Review)

I've always liked the saying, reading is dreaming with your eyes open. It describes the way I feel about books. Fiction, nonfiction, memoirs -- I like them all -- but I think biographies are my favorite type of book. Reading how people meet the personal challenges of their lives is so interesting to me, and I especially get absorbed in the daily details if the biography's subject lived in an earlier time. I want to know how they cooked their meals, cleaned their houses, and entertained their friends. I want to know too, how they found happiness after a heartache, gathered the courage to try again after a failure, and enjoyed success after a defeat. So if you've ever wanted to imagine life as a women in ancient times, a new book by Jill Eileen Smith, offers readers the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of 12 Biblical women who experienced a life that  didn't quite measure up to their dreams. In When Life Doesn't Match Your Dreams , I e

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