A Break in the Weather

I congratulated myself on arriving at my sister’s house ahead of the brewing thunderstorm. I was going out to dinner with her and my niece and nephew.

By the time we all headed to the garage the rain was coming down in a deluge. My sister said she’d just gotten her car washed and we’d take my brother-in-law’s car instead. 

Which was parked at the curb. 

So she said she’d pull up to the garage for us. 

My nephew motioned my sister to come closer but I wondered how she could see him through the rain. I imagined her telling my brother-in-law that she crashed his BMW into the garage because she didn’t want her car to get wet. 
{Dear sister, do you know it rains every afternoon in the summer in Florida? Your car will probably get wet tomorrow.} 

Finally my nephew made a run for it but my niece started to cry since there was now thunder and lightning. My sister got back out in the rain to run my niece to the car. I was soaked too as we all looked at each other.

“Well,” my sister said, backing out of the driveway as the rain poured down on the windshield. “I just can never figure out how to keep the windshield wipers going in this car. They seem to be on a permanent delay.”

Not being able to see our way through a storm sounded a little scary to me. 

But a little familiar too. 

Maybe like me, you’ve found yourself stuck in a stormy season of life, feeling delayed, confused and unable to see what’s ahead. Maybe you’re wrestling with a decision to make or a job to take. Maybe your kids are exhausting your energy or your health is challenging. 

Maybe you’re just hoping for a little break in the rain. 

God knows that we can’t travel the next part of our journey without a stop for rest and rejuvenation. 

In the Bible, even Elijah, Moses and the disciples needed a break to continue carrying out God’s purposes. An angel baked Elijah a loaf of bread, Moses discovered an oasis of 70 palm trees in the desert, and the disciples set sail in their boat in the opposite direction of the crowds.

I’d just settle for a sunny spot to take off my muddy galoshes and fold up my dripping umbrella to recoup my stamina for the next stage of my journey.

You too?

So when I least expected it, the rain let up and I saw the faint rosy rays of hope hiding behind the clouds. 

This heartening haven is where God reminded me that he sees me and hears my prayers. 

To the outsider, it may not seem worthy of such buoyancy, but my eyes view my story from the angle of the one who is living it.

Sometimes God takes the very ordinary and gift-wraps it for my heart’s understanding so there’s no mistaking that he tied the ribbon and delivered it just for me.

And that’s why I’m not sure I want this stormy season {that has lasted much longer than I thought} to end. 

Confusion, uncertainty and doubt are just the agents that usher me into his presence. 

Where he takes the questions I’m asking for what seems the thousandth time, and answers in a way that leaves me breathless, wanting more of him. 

I ask myself how could this make sense? But with instruction that seems strange and counterintuitive, I follow, and the skies lighten. 

The storms have cleared the way for this quiet space to hear his whisper. Where he cheers the heart and leads the rest of the way.
He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired haven. 
 -Ps. 107:29-30
As my sister drove our bedraggled and still damp selves home after dinner, there was a spectacular sunset painted in the sky.

She pulled my brother-in-law’s car safely back into the driveway and my niece Devon pointed our gazes skyward, “There’s a rainbow in the sky and it ends in our backyard.”

During our stormy seasons, may we wait hopefully for a break in the weather and watch expectantly for the promise of the rainbow.

For surely after the rain, the vision of what God has purposed for us will become clear. 

I'm keeping my eye on the skies. 

How about you?

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  1. So I just finished twisting up my hair and clipping it in place because VA humidity + hair with a tendency to curl = : ( And I laughed at your first pic...! However by the end of it I was tearing up something awful. You are spot on Valerie. I have been feeling all those feelings plus some this week. I need a rest but feel guilty about putting my responsibilities on hold in order to get it... I'm truly grateful that the storm does draw me closer to him but I'm definitely looking for His "Sweet Escape". (did y'all eat there?? It looks so cute!) Watching the skies with you my friend! ♥ Thanks for your spirit filled words today!!! It was just what I needed ♥

    1. Heather,
      Don't you love that little card about Paris and hair?? It's my absolute favorite! And yes, Sweet Escape is a little bakery and deli in the town of Celebration -- apropos is it not? So glad we will keep our eyes on the sky together! :)

  2. I've been keeping my eyes on the sky and praying a lot more lately. I also wanted to make sure what I'm working on is what he wants of me currently. I thank God for the small things as well as the big things that happen in my life. Even when things are going wrong, I keep praying. This was such a beautiful post Valerie. Thanks for writing it.

    Kia / The House of KTS

    1. Kay,
      LOVE that! I want that too, to know what I'm working on is what he wants! Sometimes (maybe even often!) when things go wrong, that is the time to draw closer to him so I can know even more of his heart for me. Thank you for such sweet words of encouragement, friend! :)

  3. Wonderful post Valerie. Some of my roughest times in life have been my sweetest times with Jesus (funny that!) so I see what you are saying about not being sure you want to leave your stormy season. When times get easier let's agree not to forget the beauty of the light through the darkness.
    Blessings ;)

    1. Patti,
      Yes isn't that true? Some of our roughest times are the sweetest times -- isn't it just how he works in our lives? Love your words to not forget the beauty of the light in the darkness! :)

  4. This is so beautiful - as always! your posts are refreshing and so good for my soul! I am looking for a shift in a few areas in my life- Thank you for giving me hope and reminding me to keep my eyes on the skies- in expectancy! :) We have had so many storms here, so this is an easy image in my mind! Thanks so much Valerie! with much love

    1. Susie,
      These summer storms always remind me how God works since out of the dark sky comes a rainbow or beautiful sunset - -it seems to come out of nowhere - -just like a breakthrough in our lives! Always love your perspective of God in our lives, Susie! Much love to you too!

  5. Valerie,
    As always I love the pictures of the town you live in and the way you weave ordinary experiences into spiritual and heartfelt truths. I can identify with you about being in a strange season or storm of time. I have to say that I know despite the fact that I would not want to repeat this season that God has brought things to the surface of my life that never would have been without this difficult season. We never get tired of seeing rainbows do we? We have seen at least three in the past two weeks and its always a reason to stop and gaze. One afternoon my girls got out of the car and danced in the wet parking lot under a thick rainbow. Don't you know that Heaven will be like the ultimate rainbow? I'm sure there are plenty of them there. But you are right just a break in the clouds and one sunny, warm day can sometimes make all the difference. It gives you just enough to send you back out into the storm. Love you Valerie.

    1. Somer,
      Oh what truth there is in your words! God is bringing things to the surface in my life that I never would have recognized without walking through this stormy season. How fun that your girls danced in the wet parking lot under a rainbow -- what a beautiful picture of life and love for them and that God has for us! Praying for you and cherishing your words! :)

  6. This is so beautiful!! Thank you so much! I'm thankful that you and I were "neighbors"! Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Kela,
      Yes, I loved meeting you as a new neighbor at Holley's link-up! I'm eager to read more of your words and am happy to meet you! :)

  7. mmm ... lovely. I'm claiming that rest and rejuvenation even as we speak. And those beautifully wrapped books, too!


    May Sabbath fill you to overflowing, Valerie ...


    1. Linda,
      Hope you can soon enjoy rest and rejuvenation after your move! You will need recharged to step into your next adventure! Wishing us both a restful weekend! :)

  8. "Watch expectantly for the promise of the rainbow."
    This, yes. I too often watch with dread when there is no reason to.
    I always love your pictures!


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