Chasing Followers

My friend Bree and I are neck-and-neck in our pursuit of Twitter followers. 

We were hovering in the mid-400s until she walked into our cubicles last Monday and announced, "Well over the weekend, I hit 500 followers!"

I told her how great that was, but suddenly I felt a little competitive. 

We have very different Twitter objectives since she uses hers for business to tweet communication topics and I tweet mainly about my blog along with a few recipes or travel topics.

I didn't really care how many Twitter followers I had until I heard she'd crested the mid-century mark. When she turned to her computer, I wheeled my chair back into my cube and picked up my phone.

I scrolled through my feed and quickly retweeted a food recipe.

I checked my recent followers. Had I already followed them back? 

I searched "travel writers" and found a slew of USA Today writers to follow in hopes that they'd return the favor. {One did.}

I resolutely decided to tweet every day. {I haven't.}

I wasn't sure why getting more followers on Twitter was important to me since I think it's more of a numbers game and less about people who are really interested in reading what I'm writing. 

But I thought maybe chasing Twitter followers could be my new sport? It sure takes enough of my time so at the very least, maybe I could call it a hobby?

I started to wonder about all the time I spend chasing the next best thing. Baking a new scone recipe I discovered, trying the latest wrinkle cream to look a little younger, ordering the newest fashion fad to look hip.

{Maybe you can relate?} 

Shouldn't I spend just as much effort chasing the things of God? 

But then I realized, it's really the opposite of what I think I'm doing. 

It's God who's chasing me.

By slowly offering a new perspective to an old perplexity, God said, Experience me with fresh eyes.

By presenting a different angle to view my same, stale circumstances, God asked, Could you consider it as an opportunity not a chore? As a privilege not a task?

By inviting me into his presence to pray, God whispered, You think you're my follower, but I'm pursuing you. 

In the book The Chase, {written for a youthful audience} twenty-somethings Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky tell the story of their courtship and marriage, offering God the details of their future while trusting him with their happily ever after. 

Kyle, a Christian recording artist, and Kelsey, the daughter of Christian bestselling author and greeting card designer, Karen Kingsbury, take turns sharing their perspectives, along with some dating guidance and practical insight.

Sprinkled throughout the pages are charming illustrations and inspirational words {reminiscent of Karen’s greeting cards} that God really does care about our dreams and desires, and the ultimate chase in our lives should be our passion for God and knowing him better.

They write to encourage young couples to invite God into their lives, acknowledge his direction in life's circumstances and to wait with faith for God's purpose and plan for the future.

It's taken me years to fully realize that there's really only one love that can ever cut to the chase and fulfill everything our souls crave. 

In ways that whisper so uniquely to our hearts, God pursues and woos us unto himself and invites us to really know him.

This is the happily-after-ever, never-ending relationship, much richer than a romance. It’s a holy harmony, more fulfilling than a fleeting feeling. More deeply intimate than a short-lived infatuation.

God may be chasing me, but he’s already captured my heart.

And oh, just in case you'd like to follow me on Twitter {to give my numbers a little boost}, just click the image below. 

I'm still trying to hit 500 followers. 

But I don't think I'll ever catch Bree.

I'm part of Revell publisher's blogger review tour for The Chase by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky. I received a complimentary copy of the book, but the opinions are completely my own.

I'm linking up with my friends at Holley Gerth's place at Coffee for your Heart.


  1. Valerie,
    I enjoyed reading this. I am finally back! LOL. i'm sure the fact that you have the twitter followers you do puts a bit of pressure on you to begin with. It's like a catch 22. You don't want to care, but you do and then it seems wrong to but then...its a cycle.
    I like your allusion to the fact that God chases us and not the other way around. I think you are right and yet we think its always up to us and not only that but we think somehow we have so far to go to reach Him sometimes, when the Bible says in Acts that He is near to everyone actually.
    Good to read your heart again Valerie :)

    1. Oh Somer, it's so good to have you back! I saw a photo of your sweet new baby on your blog so I offer my congratulations! Thank you for your sweet words -- you are right -- we think everything is up to us when we have no idea that God is really behind it all and through it all and what we think are our ideas, our projects, our desires, are really his since he put them in our hearts first! So happy to hear from you -- missed you around here! xo

  2. OH!! I'm reading this book with my daughter right now. She has a penchant for crushing on the bad boys...she thinks she can save them ;) I'm hoping this book will open her eyes to a better plan.

    And...already following you on Twitter! :)

    1. Alecia,
      Why yes, we already are Twitter-friends (I'm sure there's some sort of social-media name for it -- I'll have to consult my twenty-something brand manager to be sure!) but this is a good book for your daughter then, full of wise words for dating -- although those bad boys are awfully cute, I'm sure! :)

  3. Sounds like such a sweet book! I love that God pursues, that He wants all of us, no matter how many followers we have. ;)

    1. Tiffany,
      Yes, thank goodness he doesn't rate us by our followers! So grateful you stopped by today! :)

  4. Hey Girl ... your Twitter competition made me smile, 'cause those numbers have been a real bugaboo, a stumbling block for me.

    I'm happiest when I'm not tracking them by the hour. I don't know what I'm looking for. Affirmation, kudos, surprises?

    Ah, to be content with writing my heart, hitting PUBLISH, letting the chips fall where they may, and feeling HIS pleasure.

    You recalibrate me, friend. I love our mid-week chatting.


    1. Linda,
      Isn't it crazy? I can see how social media consumes the younger generation, but I just laughed at it . . . until somehow I DID care! And by the way, I looked for you on Twitter but you must be tweeting under a nom de plume?! Yes I love it that we visit each others' online home sweet homes every week too -- I look forward to your words -- which come a little more often than mine do -- I love it!

  5. I love this invitation to "Holy Harmony," Valerie. This comforting reminder that "God pursues and woos us unto himself and invites us to really know him." And how there really is "only one love that can ever cut to the chase and fulfill everything our souls crave." Not even zillions of "followers," or blog hits or comments could ever fill that craving. Thanks for this encouraging reminder that it's not about the numbers. However, I'll still "follow" you as a friend. :) By the way, I again apologize for scaring you with the photo of a frog's eye! I do hope you have sweet dreams! I did love your lively, amusing account though. :) Thanks for the smiles.

    1. Trudy,
      Phew -- I'll let you know if I have nightmares of frogs tonight -- maybe you can teach me how NOT to be terrified of them! And THANKS for being my Twitter-friend -- I returned the favor! :) Treasure our friendship! xoxo

  6. This sounds like the just-right stocking stuffer for my two DILS this Christmas. All Christmas stockings cry out for a book. I agree - He does pursue us - and I am so glad He does! What a beautiful blog you have here - so glad I stopped by!

    1. Oh I love that -- all Christmas stockings cry out for a book! Mine sure always had one! So grateful for your sweet words here!

  7. After this post, you will be sure to get more followers! Great and inspiring as always. Thank you for always giving me another point of view.

    1. Bree,
      You know I love being in competition with you -- and sitting across from you! I'll never catch up to being the social media maven you are! xo

  8. Good books are better to follow than Twitter peeps!
    You are so right though.
    Numbers ebb and flow...but in the real social game of God...He is the ONE we follow and He follows all. So we are loved by a BIG Father who doesn't
    Give a "crap" as my nine year old speech client said a few times today...pardon the language..."don't tell my mom" as he said and I will say the same! 😃

    1. Jenn,
      You are right about following good books -- I love that! And you share the truth that we are loved by a heavenly father who definitely doesn't look at our social media numbers! :)

  9. So humorous as usual. You captured that long beautiful stained glass window in incredible high definition! Your photos are always spectacular. Just one of many reasons to follow you!

    1. Thanks for your kind words -- I loved taking those photos at the Duomo in Milan!

  10. Valerie-
    This is beautiful as always! What a wonderful thought to soak in tonight :) He is chasing me! and oh to think of it as a privileged not a task! I think the more I really get his love for me the more it will be so! Thanks again for your lovely words and pictures- xox! (if I did twitter I would follow you for sure - just so you know! I 'm a fan :)!!) xo

    1. Hi Susie,
      I've experienced firsthand that he wants us -- craves for us -- to know him more and differently than we ever thought! It's a thought that's hard to grasp, though, that the God of the entire universe wants us to partner with him in doing his work here, but it's so encouraging, isn't it? And thanks for always sharing beautifully encouraging words here in this space -- I'm the one who is a fan of YOUR poetic words!

  11. Hi Valerie, very good having large followers.
    But the problem isn't with numbers, in my opinion. The problem is leading those who follow you rightly in God's way. The bigger they get, I feel the more responsibility for me. God will hold me accountable for the words I post, publish and say.
    *Just My thoughts friend*
    Sounds like a good book
    God Bless

    1. Hi Ifeoma,
      How right you are! We definitely have a responsibility for our words, even if they are just impacting one person {or follower}! So grateful you shared here!

  12. If I was on twitter I would follow you ; ) I laughed at how you resolutely decided to tweet everyday... but haven't'! Sounds like a lot of the resolutions I make... It's so easy to get caught up in followers and numbers but God's math always works out better ♥ Thanks for new challenges to look at what I'm chasing in a different light and reconsider the ways that God is chasing me and wanting to give me new perspectives and good and gracious gifts... Why would I not want to be caught? XO

    1. Heather,
      Thanks for being a faithful friend and potential follower! xo And I LOVE it that God's math is always better, especially since math has always been a bit baffling for me - -thank goodness, he handles it! :)

  13. I am not on Twitter or you know I would be following you ;)
    I know what you mean about chasing and focusing on the wrong things. God just wants our love and affection. Why can't we give Him that, when He gives us so much?

    1. Sarah,
      Chasing does put our focus on the wrong things -- and I'm thinking you would enjoy Twitter! :)


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