Looking for the Greatest Spectacles on Earth

2015 was the year of the glasses. 

I spent more time than I could have ever imagined on eyewear. Choosing, returning, adjusting. 

And I spent even more time regretting.

When I ordered new glasses during the summer, I didn’t know it was just the start of a three-ring circus that continued to the very last day of 2015, as I raced across town to have the frames adjusted before the optical store closed for New Year’s Eve.

It all started in the summer with a pair of eggplant metal frames that I chose in a hurry at my eye doctor’s office. 

I didn’t like them when they arrived and corralled my sister to help me pick a replacement pair. I tried on every frame in the store and with her approval, finally chose a much more expensive pair of Gucci frames.

I was quite confident I would love them, because well, I love designers. 

But apparently Gucci couldn't sway me because I didn’t like those glasses either. 

I'd catch a glimpse of them in the mirror and all I could see was the eighth-grade version of myself {that I had no desire to ever meet again} with clunky clownish frames looking back at me.

The store refused to exchange them again so I just chalked up my losses and moved on.

To a pair of DKNY frames at a completely different optical store {where no one knew me and probably wouldn't suspect I might be a bit glasses-obsessed}.

But the first night I wore my new glasses, I noticed they were scratched. No problem, the store said, they’d order new lenses. 

When they arrived, the technician flipped the old lenses out and when he pushed in the new ones, they fell right through. Too small.

They ordered me a whole new pair, but when they finally arrived, they didn't fit like the first ones did and I spent weeks making trips to get them adjusted. 

Too loose, too tight, I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks when nothing seemed just right.

If only I could have gazed a little longer at myself in the mirror before committing to a pair of glasses, maybe things would have turned out differently.

Then I found out about Warby Parker

The company that ships you five frames to try on at home for free. 

What a spectacular idea to get five days to glance, gawk and get a glimpse of yourself doing all the regular things you normally do and then send them back. 

And the return shipping's even on them, too.

Their new collection of frames taking inspiration from the bright colors of the circus, is a sight to behold.

And I just love a company that makes a difference, too. 

For every pair sold, Warby Parker distributes a pair of glasses to someone in need and they’ve already given away over a million pairs of glasses.

Sometimes only after a long quest, does a new frame of reference emerge. 

That suggests there might be more here than meets the eye.

I don't know about you, but maybe a fresh colorful vision to start the new year is all I need to see things differently.

{And of course, a new pair of glasses to bring things into focus can't hurt either.}

So I'm eager to put the glasses circus of 2015 behind me. 

And I’ve even donated the Gucci glasses to someone in need {sort of}. 

My mother's been thinking about new glasses so I’ve told her they might be perfect for her with some new lenses.

What do you say we come one, come all, with faith and hope that 2016 will be the greatest year on earth, for all of us? 

I think that might just be quite the spectacle.

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  1. This was so punny, I love it! I am a huge glasses nerd, and somehow never heard of Warby Parker. Cannot wait until I an eligible for new glasses, that seems like such a fun way to shop! I have the same problem, I feel like every time I go home they are not as cute as I thought they were! If only I could spend more time with each pair!

    Loved hearing about your search for the perfect spectacles!

    1. Brittany,
      I can picture you in any of those colorful frames, you're such a glasses model! And your glasses are always so cute -- you choose perfect ones! :)

    2. Well you know you are my fashion inspiration! I wouldn't have gotten my newest ones if it wasn't for you!

  2. Do they sell mens glasses too?

    1. Hi Alberto,
      They sure do -- you'd look great in them -- I think you would look so professorial! :)

  3. You guys are so cute together!

    I hate those fitting sagas that seem to stretch on forever. That was my story last year but I hung in there because I loved the frames so much.

    Can't wait to see what you choose! Pictures, please!


    1. Linda,
      I am glad I am not the only one mired in a glasses saga! When you find a pair of frames you like, hang on to them as long as you can! Thank you friend for joining me in my glasses story! :)

  4. All I kept thinking was: "O Glasses, Glasses! Wherefore art thou Glasses?" throughout your post. What a journey, but sounds like you might have find a way to try out new glasses without all the commitment with Warby. (And get a few days with them before committing in a store with everyone watching.) Best of luck during your journey. Although, 2016 could be the year of sunglasses!

  5. Bree,
    The year of the SUNglasses -- genius! Maybe that's how I should recycle my drawer full of sad discarded glasses? And you are completely right -- I need to spend A LOT more time with my glasses before making a commitment -- {sounds a lot like my dating life, too, doesn't it??!}

  6. Oh, Valerie, I really had to smile at the pic of you and your sister. :) Adorable! I hope your glasses' woes are over and you are comfortable with the one you decide on. Yes, I hope, too, that this year will be the greatest ever for all of us. I'm trying to look at it through the lenses of God's love and grace. Perception can make such a difference. Blessings to you!

    1. Trudy,
      Thanks for your kind words about the goofy glasses! :) Looking at our lives through the lens of God's perspective is the only way, isn't it?

  7. Well I have to selfishly admit I was hoping to see your sweet face modeling some of the frames! Finding glasses shoes and pants are all a 3 ring circus act for me...so I feel your pain! ♥ Love your little circus animals though! Here's to kissing the chaos of 2015 goodbye and knowing that God is bringing so many blessings into focus for the New Year! Fixing my eyes on him with you my dear! But a new pair frames probably wouldn't hurt! ♥

    1. Heather,
      My little animals are vintage from the 1940s when my mother was little and had them under her tree -- aren't they adorable?! Hmmm -- kissing the chaos goodbye (love that!) to welcome all that's new in 2016! xo

  8. Valerie, That is quite a bit of optical drama. :) What a neat company!
    I need to wear my glasses more, I think thats the reason I'm getting my first fore head line...too much squinting! Love you Valerie!!!!

    1. Somer,
      Optical drama -- love that! And oh yes, we need to avoid any further lines from forming on our foreheads, so here's to glasses! Wearing them not only covers up lines but prevents them! ha!

  9. I'm a contact lens wearer but I still need glasses and choosing the frames seems to get harder. My daughter has gotten a pair from Warby Parker recently. We both like how they work, I'm just hoping she was able to get the fit worked out. You seem to know how tricky that can be ;)

    1. Debby,
      That's so great that your daughter got a pair from Warby Parker! Thanks so much for reading and sharing here!

  10. Firstly, this makes me so glad I had Lasix! I remember the ordeal of just the right frame, then add ons to lenses, then getting the right fit...not to mention the $$. Love the idea that Warby Parker gives to those in need too. And nothing like a new lens for a new year!

    1. Tiffany,
      Thanks so much for stopping by! I have to agree with you that Lasik might be a better option but for now I'll look out of my new lenses! :)

  11. Love the giving idea behind Warby Parker. And options? Oh my! Too cool. Enjoy all God has in store for 2016, Valerie. Visiting today via #coffeeforyourheart.

  12. Hi Valerie-
    Picking out glasses is so hard isn't it?! what a long journey you have been on to find the right pair!! I hope you are happy with the pair you have found! :) I love the Warby Parker idea too- That's so great- I am finding I need reading glasses lately! :( hard to admit and get used to but thankful for glasses in general. God is good to help us see both physically spiritually too! xoxo

    1. Susie,
      It's hard because I don't trust my own opinion! Maybe I just don't like them when the lenses are put in -- they seem to enlarge somehow -- or it's definitely just my perspective! I know I need spiritual eyes to look at my life -- and I'm so glad we can view them through God's perspective! xo

  13. Valerie,
    Sorry to hear about the spectacle spectacle of 2015!! I remember when picking out frames for my glasses...I had everyone in the office weighing in on their opinion lol. Not having confidence in my own choices sometimes, I figure a majority opinion (at which we did arrive, finally) was my best bet. If only, sometimes, I cared as much about others opinion of my life as a Christ follower, I would be more cautious in my words and actions?! Wishing you a happy new year...walking forward with you with great expectations!
    Blessings sweet friend,
    Bev xx

    1. Hi Bev,
      You and me both having everyone weigh in on opinions - I think I asked everyone I knew!! Thanks so much, friend, for joining me in anticipation of all God has for us in 2016!

  14. I just thought of my mother when reading this post. She just recently purchased some glasses and we had to try on just about everything to find her the perfect pair. Yes, glasses are just as stylish as clothes lol. This post just brought back memories Valerie... thank you.

    Kia / KTS


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