Sparkle and Shine

Vintage pieces of jewelry that belonged to my grandmother, mother and aunts are little glittering treasures I style in fresh ways to complement what I’m wearing. I attach clip earrings to a ribbon choker as ornaments on a necklace. I wear sparkly pins as pendants. I wear several pieces at the same time, combining pearl chokers with longer necklaces. Altered and restyled, they have a second chance to shimmer and shine.

Sometimes I feel a little like a stone in God’s jewel box. A gem that needs the rough edges polished in order to sparkle. Hammered like silver to better reflect his character. Attributes I’d like to mirror. I’d like to learn to relinquish my desire to be right to honor someone else’s feelings. I’d like to find it easier to forgive for unintended slights that sting my feelings. I’d like to shrink my doubtful, skeptical outlook and broaden my viewpoint that God has plans to work all things for good in my life, just as he’s promised.

Life’s circumstances have a way of chiseling away those old inclinations. Like when I learned to wait. Not to maneuver a situation with my own agenda to get what I wanted. I gave up my timetable. My plan didn’t materialize. But the waiting was priceless. Because while I waited, God met me in a fresh way. His undeniable presence stirred my soul. I realized that knowing him from the fringes wasn’t enough. I wanted him to remake my character and sand down the imperfections. It's hard. But transforming.

Instead of staying stored away in a drawer as outdated relics from another decade, my vintage jewelry emerges. The pieces still have a purpose. They can still put the finishing touches on an outfit. With my refashioning efforts, despite a little chip or scratch or a rhinestone missing, they’re just as pretty. Restyled jewelry for a life reworked. A new approach. New ways to shine. A work in progress. But still dazzling.

"You make beautiful things; You make beautiful things out of dust. You make beautiful things; You make beautiful things out of us." -- Gungor's "Beautiful Things"


  1. I love the photos and the meaning behind the gems. Makes me want to dig through my jewelry box!

  2. Even if you don't have hidden gems in your family, there are so many pretty pieces at vintage shops and flea markets. I sometimes see pieces similar to mine with just a slightly different design. I find them intriguing!

  3. Another inspiring piece -- thank you for sharing it with us! :)

  4. It's not easy to share insight about ourselves, thank you for sharing.


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