Let Freedom Ring in the New Year

I’ve been thinking about choosing my one word for 2014. My word for last year was aspire. It reminded me of possibilities, of hopes, of a pursuit. 

Like taking a pastry class at a Manhattan bakery during my spring trip to New York City. And joining a Facebook group of professional women, linked by the website (in)courage, where we shared our thoughts and encouraged each other. 

And pursuing God. Who was actually pursuing me.

So I’ve been thinking about the year ahead. 

2014. And I’m thinking about freedom. 

Freedom from the vise-like grip of perfection. Freedom from the tentacles of fear. Freedom from the slippery slide into self-recrimination. Freedom from the intensity of self-focus. Freedom from the commentary inside my head. Freedom from discouragement.

I know it seems like a lot to ask of just one year. But maybe I can have the freedom to release what weighs me down. Maybe I can have the freedom for some flexibility. Some elbow room.

Freedom to move forward. Freedom to embrace new opportunities. Freedom to seek God more deeply. Freedom to create. Freedom to write. Freedom to be all that God wants me to be. 

And I want freedom to be brave and bold and fearless and kind and compassionate and understanding too.

So I want freedom in 2014.

So I can freely welcome all that is waiting for me on the brilliant brink of another new year.  

If you’re interested in choosing a word for 2014, visit myoneword.org for inspiration and to connect with others who are choosing a word.


  1. I love the one word posts! Always gets me ready for the new year!

  2. Wow - they just keep coming - another great article. I admire your desire to take on another word - and what a word - 'freedom'.....it encompasses so much. Best wishes for the coming year......I'm looking forward to reading about your 'freedom' experiences in upcoming articles - the possibilities for topics are endless! Great year of articles - I've enjoyed them all!!!

    1. Thank you Sharon! I can't tell you what your encouragement means to me -- thanks for being a faithful reader!


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