All I Need to Live Out My Dreams

Sometimes I think too much about what I need. I think I need more expertise to keep up with all the social media channels. Or I think I need more insight to be an aunt since I don't have kids of my own. Or I think I need more faith to step into the future God has planned for me. That's when I realize what I need is all around me. In the details of my circumstances and the heart of my relationships.

My friend Brittany emails me that she has something new for my blog page. I can tell that she's excited about it. I wonder if she's made the social media buttons I’ve been admiring. Or maybe she's dropped some new photos on my blog banner. Or maybe she's tweaked the design of the blog template. Although I have some design skills, I’m no match for her savvy talents. I tell her she's the Grace with Silk brand manager. 

For months she’s been trying to convince me the blog needs a Facebook page. I tell her I hate to bother people with our updates in their news feeds. She laughs at me. She says she's making one anyway. She says she'll give me time to get used to the idea. So the email she sends me says she is ready to unveil the Grace with Silk Facebook page. As usual, I love it. I think her work is beautiful. I tell her to make the Facebook page live. She's delighted and tells me she's off to update my Twitter page.

I'm not sure she knows how her artful gifts grace my life.

When my niece and nephew were born, I was surprised how much I loved being an aunt. I didn't expect to be so devoted to them. I started dreaming about being an aunt they'd love to spend time with. I wanted them to ride their bikes to my house. I wanted my kitchen to have their favorite cookies. I wanted my house to be their favorite place. But I lived on the other side of town from my sister. In my dream house, a bungalow in the historic district of a quaint neighborhood that I couldn't think about leaving.

But finally I realized I didn't want to miss a thing about their lives. The funny, the sweet, the poignant and the happy. I wanted to be a part of it all. I knew it was time to sell my house, pack up and move to pursue the new dream God whispered to my heart. 

I eventually found a townhome in my sister’s neighborhood. But while I lived with my parents for several months waiting for the short sale to be processed, I learned a lot about patience and perseverance. I didn’t always handle this time gracefully but God showed me that this organized and order-loving girl could still survive with my belongings scattered across a storage unit, my parents’ garage and my sister’s spare closets. 

Now my couch is where my nephew spends an afternoon reading a book. My kitchen is where my niece and I spend time making cupcakes. She says my house is her favorite place to be. And she says baking with me is her favorite thing to do.

I'm not sure they know what joyful gifts they are in my life.

A year before I started blogging, my director at work assigned me to work on my company’s intranet. I learned how to format and post content. I learned about editing photos, adjusting source code and creating templates. When I opened my blog template, it all looked familiar and I realized all along I had been learning what I needed to start a blog. 

I'm not sure my director knew what a valuable gift she gave me to prepare for my next God-sized dream. 

I am always amazed to see how God works in my life. I shouldn't be surprised when my circumstances give me exactly what I need to write the next chapter of my story. The difficult times that strengthen my character and the treasured insights I learn along the way are all a part of his plan for my life. I should know it's no coincidence when someone's path crosses mine and they walk beside me for part of my journey. So when I doubt, and when what lies ahead seems murky and unclear, I can remember that he doesn't waste any of my experiences. 

I'm not sure where the pathway will lead as I follow my God-sized dreams. But I know that I'll have all I need. 

And what's even more surprising is that someday soon I might even find myself tweeting about it.

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  1. I love how you've positioned yourself to prioritize your aunt joys. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! It's truly a joy to be an aunt!

  2. Great article.....I love the expertise with which you tie all your thoughts together.....every article is thought provoking and encouraging. Love the have a great relationship with your niece and how you incorporate them into your articles. Keep them coming!

    1. Sharon,
      Thank YOU for encouraging ME! I thought you might like the photos! :)

  3. Such a sweet post! Isn't it amazing to watch God bring our dreams to life? Sometimes is requires sacrifice (selling your house), but in the end, it doesn't feel like a sacrifice at all! The joy that comes from our dreams far surpass anything we felt we were giving up in order to fulfill it! Thank you for sharing today! ♥

    1. Satin,
      Thank you for your encouraging comment. Yes, sometimes joy doesn't look like we thought it would -- sometimes it's even better!

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  5. Oh love how God prepared you and continues to mold you into the woman He has great plans for!!

    1. Kristin,
      Yes, I have to believe there are still great plans for me! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  6. "When I opened my blog template, it all looked familiar and I realized all along I had been learning what I needed to start a blog." Don't you LOVE when God surprises you like that?? Here you think you're just doing you job, and He's preparing you for the next step!! Just amazing!!

    1. Christine,
      For a girl who doesn't like surprises much, I LOVE surprises like those!


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