Fanning the Cool Autumn Breezes

It would be nice if some cool autumn breezes made it down to Florida this time of year. 

Even though the calendar says September, the crisp, invigorating air of fall still seems a long way off. 

I'd like to feel refreshed after a long hot summer. I would have especially enjoyed a stiff breeze to stir the sultry air during a day at the beach last weekend. 

Loading and unloading the truck, carrying the chairs, umbrellas and toys (even with a cart to wheel them in), trudging through sand so hot it burned my feet (even with my shoes on), and waiting in the restroom with my niece (where it was a sauna-like 120 degrees) all made me long for cooler days ahead.

My vintage silk fan has a lady on the front and city scene on the back.
I watched my sister's dogs last week, stopping by her house to feed them and let them in and out while she was away. 

The dogs spend their days on her large covered patio, which has comfy couches and cushions for them to sit on and plenty of shady spots. The pool's not far away if they feel the need for a swim. 

She told me to be sure I turned on the ceiling fans for them -- on medium speed, no less -- so they'd be cool. Which seemed unlikely to me. 

During these dog days of summer, I doubted her dogs would even know if I forgot to turn on the fans. 

But I do know that I would welcome some cool air fanned on me.

Because sticky air swirls around me. 

New work projects and assignments have me going at top speed. 

In the heat of these moments with my nerves a little edgy, I find myself answering too quickly, responding too sharply. 

My cool is lost when too many documents are open on the two computer screens sitting on my desk. I need to quickly find what I’m looking for, correct it and reload the page. 

All of a sudden the air is too hot in my cubicle. I start groaning and exclaiming that the computer is driving me crazy. My cubicle colleague comes to my rescue. 

Like a breath of cool fresh air, she tells me to calm down and patiently helps me find what I need, load and refresh. 

And it’s just not the computer page that's refreshed. I am too.

I went for a walk one evening this week after a thunderstorm and instead of feeling slapped in the face with a wet washcloth full of humidity, I felt the slightest whisper of a cooler breeze. 

The sky was clearing and the setting sun was trying to break through the clouds. 

I reached the end of the walking path, turned around and saw the rainbow. Just behind me as I walked. 

I didn't even see it until I stopped to turn around. 

I think that's the way it is sometimes. I can't appreciate what's just behind me, that has allowed me to acquire perseverance and composure.

Because I'm too busy looking for the break in the weather. 

Thinking that what's ahead might be the breathing space I'm yearning for. 

That whiff of crisp, rejuvenating air that's going to make all the difference. 

And I guess it could. But in addition to looking forward with anticipation, I want to appreciate the days that develop my character and strengthen my resolve. 

Because I need that too. 

It’s not fall in Florida yet. 

Maybe after Halloween we’ll enjoy some cooler breezes. That let me know that refreshing days are ahead. 

But until then, I'll just keep my ceiling fans running on high.


  1. The heat seems to be turned up to full force lately. I love the idea that a hint of cooler times is in the air, literally and metaphorically! And I hope that like you, I'll have gained some character at the end of summer's trials.

  2. Fall is in the air....though this week, it's 90+ here. Leaves are starting to change - heard MI had a frost alert...yikes! Love the article - though we may not all like change, we do usually like the change of seasons. Great article - I could feel the burning sand in my toes!! With fall and winter, we close the doors and hibernate....waiting once more for the spring rains and summer warmth to once again open the doors and enjoy the heat of summer. Hope some cool days are soon coming your way!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I like how you approach the seasons! Sometimes I wish for a little more seasonal weather but other times it sure is nice to have summer year-round!


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