The Golden Rule Rules

I’m a rule-follower. A rules-girl. 

I tend to set a lot of rules for myself that I think I should live by. Such as. 

I think women over a certain age shouldn’t wear their hair long or in ponytails. 

I think most women should wear high heels regularly and routinely. 

I think many women should wear red lipstick more often than not. 

I think men ought to wear regular ties, not bow ties. 

Although most of my rules just happen to be my personal opinion, those around me are good-natured about listening to me talk about them. 

For my birthday last week, my colleagues at the office decided to do something I would like them to do as their gift to me. 

I thought this sounded like a fabulous idea. Something I would approve of. That would follow my rules. 

Yet in the long run would benefit them. How perfect. 

My coworker Krista led off the present-giving initiative by announcing that she was getting her very long hair cut short. “It will be my birthday gift to you,” she joked.

My other colleagues quickly jumped on board with this idea. 

Brittany said she’d exchange her flats for high heels for my special day. 

Ben offered to swap out his daily bow tie for a regular tie instead. 

Even Kate, the manager of our department asked me, “Would you like me to wear red lipstick on your birthday?” 

Since my colleague Bree had already followed some of my rules for her, such as lightening and cutting her hair, she was exempt from the project. 

But to celebrate everyone’s sacrifice, Bree volunteered to bring a box of mini cupcakes in honor of their selfless gifts.

My rules could possibly have deep-seated roots from my childhood and family heritage. 

The last time I had long hair, I was in the sixth grade. My hair has always been bulky and impossibly difficult. 

Growing up, my sister would help me wash it. My mother would help me dry it. They would both help me style it. Finally they’d had enough. My mother announced that if I couldn’t manage my own hair, I would have to get it cut 

Shortly after, I sported a shoulder-length bob that was much easier to control. I've never had long hair since. 

Secretly, I sort of envy women who can wear their long hair in perky ponytails because I never could. Wearing my hair in a ponytail gave me a headache. 

As for red lipstick and high heels, I think they're a necessity for me. Red lipstick doesn't manage to get lost with my dark eyes and hair like lighter lipstick does. I wear high heels mostly because I’m short. 

I learned early on that I could at least see eye-to-eye with my friends who are taller if I wore four-inch heels. So over time, my rules have just become a part of who I am.

But I also tend to set rules for myself about much more serious things than hair or lipstick or shoes. 

Rigid rules about what I think I should accomplish. 

Unbending rules about what I should be doing with my life. 

Inflexible rules about what I think God must think about me. 

These rules rule my life. What's worse is that I start thinking that everyone should live by my rules. And that's just crazy. 

Because sometimes rules are made to be broken. 

Or at least they should bend a little bit. And maybe I could remember the most famous rule of all -- the Golden Rule -- and make it my motto to treat others as I would like to be treated. 

Because that's what my colleagues graciously offered me in giving up their own preferences for mine. 

As we polished off the last crumbs of our cupcakes, I was amazed that my kindhearted, thoughtful colleagues were willing to play by my rules for a day. 

Maybe next year on my birthday, I might let my hair down, kick up my heels, tie one on, and paint the town red. 

Unless of course, I decide to rule it out.

L-R: Brittany, Bree, Krista and Ben


  1. Having some of our own golden rules, I think, helps us make sense of our own world. I love your "rules" and in lovey shorter, lighter hair!

    1. I'm sure you will keep me in line if my rules get out of hand! :)

  2. Love, love this one! Love the graphics, love the witty story, love the photo of your fun sweet co-workers. Most of all, love the ending!!

  3. Finally you got that girl to wear heels!

  4. Alberto,
    I'm trying hard to convert her to heels! Any support of high heels you can offer will be much appreciated! haha

  5. What a great post! It was such a fun way to celebrate your birthday. Thank you for motivating me to give my hair a much needed chop! ;)


    1. I loved the idea and thought it was pretty sweet of you to kick it off! Please don't make me eat quinoa for your birthday! :)

  6. Oh my goodness I love it! It makes me sad that I wasn't there to take part :) The whole office looks great.

    1. We miss you too! I can't imagine what you might have contributed to the bash since you're already compliant with all my rules already! :)


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